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The Monument to Vasily Tatischev

The Monument to Vasily Tatischev
the shore of Zhigulevsky reservoir
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The Monument to Vasily Tatischev ( the founder of Togliatti city - Russian historian and statesman, lived in 1686-1750 ) was established in Togliatti on the Volga River in 1998. The monument is protected by the City Council of Togliatti as an object of monumental art and historical value.

It is located on the shore of Zhigulevsky reservoir not far from the city he founded.

The nearby ladder with lanterns is stylized as a fortress tower. In 2000 during the first International Theatre Festival in Togliatti 30 seedlings of cherry were planted at the foot of the monument. The Festival was opened with the famous Chekhov's play "The Cherry Orchard", the cherry tree branch was the symbol of the festival.

The Maze of Desires

Not far from the monument the Maze of Desires was officially opened in August 23, 2014. The diameter of the maze is 30 meters, the total length of the corridor is 330 meters.

by Elena Tsymbal, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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