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Bogatyrskaya Sloboda

Bogatyrskaya Sloboda
National Park Samarskaya Luka
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Spiritual and cultural Kremlin "Bogatyrskaya Sloboda" is an extraordinary architectural complex created in the tradition of ancient wooden architecture by artist from Togliatti Victor Petrov. It is located in the picturesque place in Zhiguli Mountains on the banks of the Usa River, a tributary of the Volga. To visit a fairy tale - this is the dream of adults and of course children. This dream can be fulfilled in Bogotyrskaya Sloboda.

In the National Park Samarskaya Luka among the protected forests and meadows at the edge of the forest you can see a stockade with gate, protected by log guard turret. Bogatyrskaya Sloboda opens behind them. It is a place absolutely simulating the Old Russian town with wooden izbas, bogatyrs restalishe, towers and terems over the steep bank of Usa river under which in the mouth of a wooded ravine a real ladias with scarlet sails are rocking on the waves.


Where to stay

Trapeznaya-gridnitsa (kind of cafeteria in Old Russian style) with 150 seats, Fisherman House and Fisherman banya, Stables, and much more things for receiving welcome guests are always opened in Bogatyrskaya Sloboda. On site there are a guesthouses where you can stay for a long time, also you may want to rent a 4-seater traditional Old Russian tent.

There is an opportunity to wear the Russian national dress to feel the atmosphere of Old Russia.


What to see and do

There is 2 variants of organizing your visit to Bogatyrsakya Sloboda.

You can come on your own and enjoy the Old Russian town in action. There is no entrance fee and Kremlin territory is open 24 hours every day.

As another variant you can book a special program for you.

In Bogatyrskaya Sloboda guests are greeted with bread and salt (Old Russian tradition) near the stone of three roads, hold on Kalinovyy bridge through the gates guarded by 33 bogatyrs. You can ride a horse, go under scarlet sail of Old Russian rooks on the oars, taste the cuisine of knyazs (Old Russian princes), try yourself in bogatyr fight, swim in the river, and much more.

Kalinovyy bridge
Bogatyr fight

One of the most exciting fun - rafting on ladias under red sails

You can try on chain mail and helmets and learn to set and chop sail and to row. The path runs through the most interesting places of Samarskaya Luka with stopovers at the most beautiful coasts. You can visit museums, architectural ensembles, chapels and monuments, temples and monasteries, springs, rocks, enjoy Russian folk cuisine cooked over a campfire and charcoal, relax on the golden sands, swim and fishing. You can also compete in bogatyr amusements one-on-one or squad-to-squad.



A lot of holidays and festivals are in Bogatyrskaya Sloboda. In May you can take part in the contest "Russian beauty". In June - in celebration of the literary fairy tale "U lukomorya dub zelenyy" and in festival of Russian drinks "Bratina". In July - in Russian holiday-hand-combat "Bogatyrskaya Silushka" (Bogatyrs force). In the wintertime Bogatyrskaya Sloboda offers an interesting entertainment program too. There is no doubt you will enjoy this place.

by Ivan Muzalevskiy, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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