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Transfiguration Cathedral

Transfiguration Cathedral
Togliatti city, Revolutsionnaya Str., 19
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26th May, 1996, Archbishop Sergiy of Samara and Syzran laid the first stone for construction of the Transfiguration Cathedral. The cathedral was completed rapidly even for such large-scale construction.  19th August, 2002 during Transfiguration of Jesus day, Archbishop Sergiy of Samara and Syzran  consecrated the new church. In July 2006 one of the most important shrines of Christendom, the right hand of St. John the Baptist, was brought to the cathedral.

Such a grand architectural structure can admit from three to five thousand people.  Built-up area is 2800 square meters and the height is 62 meters above the ground (including the main cross). The cathedral includes the main altar in honor of the Transfiguration of Jesus, southern and northern altars, choir, western porch, north and south porch and basement. The height of the center iconostasis is 15 meters.


In the administrative house there are Sunday school, library with a reading room, refectory and choir room. At Sunday school children learn the God`s law, the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and the religious music.

The cathedral has two choirs: the small, consisting of 5 people, and a large, consisting of 15 people. Today Transfiguration Cathedral is the largest temple not only in Togliatti, but in the whole eparchy of Samara and Syzran. Its majestic appearance - a worthy symbol of the spiritual life of the Christian people.

The temple became a significant landmark in Togliatti city. Not only parishioners and pilgrims come to the cathedral, but those who are interested in architectural art, including visitors from near and far abroad. Besides, Transfiguration Cathedral has received international recognition. Many architects and clerics consider it one of the best architectural structures built in Russia over the past 100 years.

by Kristina Bukaeva, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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