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Garibaldi�s Castle

Garibaldi�s Castle
Samara region, Hryaschevka village, Rechnoy per.
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The Garibaldi’s Castle is a tourist complex, which includes luxury hotel for seven vip-rooms, guest houses, restaurants, entertainment zone, park, beach and the port. Tourist complex is located in Hryaschevka village, Stavropolsky district, Samara region.

The castle is named by its owner in the honor of his father - Garibaldi Arcadievich Kuzichkin. The castle was built in the Neo-Gothic style. It is not an exact copy of any particular European castle. It's more of an architectural fantasy on the theme of European Gothic and romanticism, which incorporates all of the most beautiful and interesting elements of the Middle Ages European architecture, Renaissance and Victorian era.

The Garibaldi’s Castle  is one of the most important places for Samara region tourist industry. Beautiful nature and good waves for surfing are the special features of the place. In the near future the building of the port will be completed here. It will make it possible to receive guests from different regions. It is especially relevant for boats. Thus, the port is an excellent place for those who goes on a long trip on the Volga River. It is worth noting that the port can receive not only yachts, but larger vessels.

According to theproject of the complex all the steps will be completed by 2018. In the near future  the building of the 65-meter tower and several restaurants will be started. Outdoor playground of the castle and surrounding area make it possible to carry out the activities of any formats: fashion shows, festivals and concerts, business meetings, weddings and other celebrations.


by Kristina Bukaeva, 3rd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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