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The monument of "Devotion"

The monument of "Devotion"
Togliatti, Southern Highway
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Everyone knows the dog named Hatiko, but few people know that Togliatti has a Hatiko of its own.

It happened on the Southern Highway in the city of Togliatti, which in Avtozavodsky district and leads to the AVTOVAZ.

In 1995 the residents noticed a dog on a roadside. He was always on the same place, rushing to the passing cars. In more detail, the inhabitants of Togliatti learned that in the summer of that year not far from this place there was a car accident with two cars. In the cabin of the car there were a dog and its owners. They died and only the dog miraculously survived. Nobody knew its name, so the people named him "Faithful" or "Kostya".

The locals built a doghouse and tried to take "Faithful" home, but no attempt was successful. The dog always came back, patiently waiting for its owners. From the citizens, he took only food. In any weather, he always waited and ran to all the nearby passing cars. The townspeople are very fond of Constantine and turned his story in "living legend".

In 2002, the dog died. He waited for his master until the last second. This story made the locals open a monument.

The monument of "Devotion" — a monument to a dog in Togliatti, patiently waiting for the owners.

The opening of monument took place on June 1, 2003, the day of the 266 anniversary of the city of Togliatti. Vice-mayor of Togliatti Nikolai Renz gave a speech in which he said these words:

The city should have a symbol and the monument to the dog, whose faithfulness became a legend. The monument stands at 21 quarter at the intersection of South road and Lev Yashin Street the house № 25.

This monument is the first in Togliatti, erected not for "political reasons". Nowadays, this is the place to visit the newlyweds as a symbol of unbreakable loyalty in family life. According to the tradition that the couples were faithful to each other and happy in family life, the dog you need to RUB the tip of the nose.

by Victoria Boyakova, 1st year student

Department of Finance and Credit, Samara State University of Economics


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