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Alpen Park

Alpen Park
Togliatti, Banykina Street, 19A
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Contact:+7 927 893 17 93
Price:From 6000 ₽ for a cottage per night

"Alpen Park"! This is a great hotel complex in Togliatti, in the hotel you can relax from the hassle and annoying everyday city life, having exclusive benefits!

Creating "Alpen Park" was provided everything to meet the requirements of any guest. That's why the creators offer a unique holiday. "Alpine Park" combines the conditions of a beautiful hotel, a cozy city apartment and a romantic base for outdoor accommodation. And all this is in the heart of the city! Do not look for Togliatti camp sites located far from your house, come to us, and you will stay in the city, but at the same time you can hide from noise, problems and fuss of the city.

Coming to this hotel, you will be alone with nature in its best forms, but you will always be offered extra-class conditions. Our houses are extremely cozy, and at the same time you can be sure that you choose the most stylish hotel. The hotel offers a magnificent design of each house, and you get a truly royal accommodation!

"Alpine Park" is a complex of entertainment and recreation for everybody. Those who love solitude and silence, go for forest walks or sit on the terrace near the house, enjoying the good weather and the sun. Those who prefer active fun and sports will be able to swim in the Aqua-Land pool, ride water slides, play volleyball. In addition, you can participate in different competitions, arranged in the summer, tennis, swimming. For children there is a special children's pool with warm water and a small slide, as well as a children's playground.


by Natalya Kasyanova, 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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