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Discount-bar Tri Topora

Discount-bar Tri Topora
Karla Marksa st., 53 70 Let Oktyabrya st., 28b
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Hours of Operation:Working hours: Mon-Thu, Sun: 16: 00-03: 00; Fri-Sat: 16: 00-06: 00
Until the last guest: Mon-Sun

Since opening, this place has won the hearts and liver of fans of a foamy drink and after a while opened its doors in another district of the city.

The bar which is located on one of the main and crowded streets in the Central district met guests the first. Outwardly, the institution is quite unnoticed, which makes it "a place for the elite". The windows are decorated with various synonyms for the "drink" word , which is quite creative.

The room is small. Interior, made in warm colors, makes you communicate and get acquainted. The red color walls do not annoying the eyes, and wooden tables and a bar only coziness add.

If you pass behind the bar, you will see a staircase leading to the second floor. There are a soft zone and a restroom. The decor is gloomy but this does not spoil the atmosphere because the merry laughter of visitors will be echo to you.

Also you can have a snack with pork ribs, rolls and pizza.

A great place to sit alone and think about the eternal for a mug of craft beer or have a rest with friends .


The second bar in Avtozavodsky district is located in the shopping and hotel complex Lada Voskhod. He is radically different from the first. You need to come here for crazy dances and live music. A spacious hall with dance floor and a lot of seats.

Walls and furniture of bright contrast colors loud music and bright light will cheer you up.

The menu features the most famous and popular snacks, and an incredibly varied selection of beers pleasantly surprises.

There is everything for a fun, active and noisy evening!

"Tri Topora" will please you with daily discounts on alcoholic beverages. Smoky hookahs are also available in the menu. And all this at a very attractive price.


by Anastasiya Smyshlaeva, 2nd year student
Togliatti Academy of Management


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